Friday, March 5, 2010

Buy Two, Get One Free is BACK!

That's right; you can now buy two expressions and get a third one of equal or lesser value for FREE! How fun is that?! Be sure to contact me to book your open house now so that you and your guests can take advantage of this great deal!

How does it work? Look at this example:

Item 1 - $19.95
Item 2 - $17.95
Item 3 - $17.95 (discount $17.95) = FREE!
Item 6 - $16.95
Item 5 - $12.95
Item 6 - $10.95 (discount $10.95) = FREE!

Great time to think about getting names and initials for gifts. Just think, you could have a head start on family Christmas gifts! (I'm dreaming, I know. :)

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