Friday, March 19, 2010

Children's Room Expression

I had a fun time putting up a new expression in the children's room at our church. The room's theme is extreme sports, and the children's director thought this verse would be great on the wall. Just thought you might want to see it.

First, we had to tape up the expressions to get them where we thought we wanted them. Because the expression was so long, we had to create it in pieces and them put them all together.
Then, piece by piece we leveled and applied the expressions.
And, then......wah-lah! It's all up!
You'll have to check back in to see the skateboard silhouettes that will be placed above the half-pipes in the room. They'll look great.

Thanks for stopping by the ol' blog!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

November Project Day Pictures

Okay, I never got around to posting pictures of the last project day! All I can say is that life gets busy sometimes and certain things just get pushed to the back burner even though we don't want them to. So, without further ado, here's what you missed. And.....if you think this all looks fun, my next project day will be announced here shortly, so be on the lookout for that!

Coasters are always fun to make!
Below is one of the projects for the day. Twelve of these personalized tiles were made, most of them as gifts.
These ornaments were one of the free projects offered. There is a free project for each participant at my project days. You never know what you might get to go home with!
Another project from the November Project Day. This is great for all the spelling tests and art projects your kids bring home from school.
Here's the free project table. Quite a bit of visiting and laughter took place around this table.
One customer made a set of glass coasters with snowflakes. Perfect for winter and a great gift idea!
Debbie contemplating putting the second part on her "Family" board.
I've got two great helpers who always show up to lend their expertise. Maghan and Mindy (in green) rock! Mindy is due any time with her precious first baby! Can't wait to meet that sweet thing!
Here's Maghan helping Debbie with the second part of her expression.
I think my friend, Janet, would be just as happy if I just did her projects for her! ;)
See all the fun you missed! Plan now to join me for my next project day which will take place in April; we'll have all kinds of fun!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Buy Two, Get One Free is BACK!

That's right; you can now buy two expressions and get a third one of equal or lesser value for FREE! How fun is that?! Be sure to contact me to book your open house now so that you and your guests can take advantage of this great deal!

How does it work? Look at this example:

Item 1 - $19.95
Item 2 - $17.95
Item 3 - $17.95 (discount $17.95) = FREE!
Item 6 - $16.95
Item 5 - $12.95
Item 6 - $10.95 (discount $10.95) = FREE!

Great time to think about getting names and initials for gifts. Just think, you could have a head start on family Christmas gifts! (I'm dreaming, I know. :)