Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hostess Rewards Bumped Up!

Yesterday, Uppercase Living revealed their new incentive! Here's a copy of the announcement:
Bump Up Your Hostesses’ Rewards this September and October
Along with the UL Photo Prints and Holiday Catalog launches tomorrow, we are beginning an exciting new Hostess Bump-Up promotion! This promotion will last from tomorrow, September 15, at noon (MT) until October 15 at noon (MT) and will allow the Hostess of any submitted Open House to automatically bump up a level on her Hostess Rewards.
What does this promotion mean for your Hostess? More free products and additional half-off items, of course! Here is an example of what you can expect:
Typically, if an Open House sales total reaches $500, your Hostess would receive:
· $70 in free products
· two (2) half-off items
With the help of the Hostess Bump-Up promotion, however, your Hostess will receive the following for an Open House with the same total:
· $100 in free product
· three (3) half-off items
Don't forget that the new Christmas Supplemental catalog is out and Photo Vinyl is now available! It's a great time to host an open house, so just give me a call and we can get something set up for you. (209) 648-2795

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