Monday, August 24, 2009

New Photo Vinyl is GREAT!

OMG! You will love the new photo vinyl from UL! Imagine putting a life-sized picture of your lil' ballerina or baseball player on his/her wall? What about your soccer player or your skateboarder? Well, just look at these pics for a sneak preview of what's possible with the new UL photo vinyl that will be available September 15th. Contact me now to book your open house as soon as photo vinyl comes out!

Look at these little fairies. Aren't they cute?
UL photo vinyl can be contour cut as shown in these photos. You can also add any expression that you want to the wall with the photo vinyl for a truly personalized space.
This gives you an idea of the size of UL photo vinyl. You can get it from 2' x 2' all the way to 4' x 8'. That's right.....FEET! So you can really put any person on your wall in true-to-life size!
The ballerina photo vinyl display shows the extra value pack that you can purchase for $14.95. It features smaller versions and silhouettes of the photo vinyl you ordered.
Seriously, call me today to book your open house as I have a few openings remaining. New Shimmer vinyls will be available for holiday expressions and gifts, and we also have some great new accessories if you are looking to get a jump start on your holiday shopping. Photo vinyl would also make a great gift for Christmas. I look forward to hearing from you!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hello, all my Uppercase Living friends!

Great news! I have four exciting announcements:

1) First of all, you can pick up and purchase the new catalog on Friday night, August 14, from 6 - 8:00 PM at my home. I will also have some great display pieces and quite a few expressions for sale if you are interested, plus some snacks and iced tea.

2) Secondly, if you contact me to schedule a late summer or fall open house before Monday, 8/10, you will receive a set of our new glass coasters on top of all the free and half-price product you will earn! I have a limited number of open house slots available this fall, so please book early if you are interested. You and your friends will love the NEW products available now!

3) Third Announcement? The new catalog is now online and you can see it at:

4) And last, but certainly not least, it's time to sign up for my next Project Night! The projects are shown and described below, so check them out and then let me know which projects you would like to do. If you sign up for one or more of my projects, you will also get a bonus project that you can do while here. Believe me, you'll love it. You might want to think about birthday, house-warming, and Christmas gifts, also.

The project workshop will be held on Saturday, August 29th in two sessions: 4 - 6 PM or 6 - 8 PM at my home. When signing up, please be sure to let me know which time session you would like to attend.

You must RSVP by Sunday evening, August 9th to be included in this project night. I will be offering other project nights this fall with new projects for you to choose from. All projects must be paid for in advance at the time of order. If you are unable to attend the project night at the last minute, your project will be delivered to you, and you can do the project on your own.

1) The first project is an off-white canvas board with a monogram. There are two monogram styles to choose from (floral or elegant) and the design is in black or chocolate brown. You get the canvas board (16 x 24), the monogram, and the ribbon. The boards will be drilled for a ribbon, but if you would prefer to just set the board somewhere, I don't have to drill it. The price is $22.00
2) The second project is a Halloween design. You get the 12 x 12 board (primed, but you will need to paint it and sand the edges while you're here), the two-part design, and the use of our new "Vinyl Effects" product that gives the word "Halloween" a raised and shiny finish (This doesn't show up on the photo below). You'll love it! Cost $37.003) Our third project is personalized with your last name on glass in a frame. This smart project allows you to change out the scrapbook paper behind your last name for each season. I've given you a few examples here (BTW, this particular "Brandon" is a last name, not a boy's name. If this project were for a boy, there would be much "manly-er" paper behind the name!). You get the frame, glass, your name, and a selected variety of scrapbook papers (or you can supply your own). The cost for this project will vary depending on the number of letters in your last name and the size of lettering that is chosen to fit the frame properly. You may also put someone's first name (a child's or friend's), or a teacher's name, or whatever else you might want on the frame. The cost for this project is approximately $15.00.
4) The fourth project you might want to do uses our new GLASS COASTERS! You get four glass coasters that you will personalize with an initial and a corner embellishment. The coast for this project is $18.00 if you use one of UL's regular vinyl colors and $23.00 if you want the etched glass vinyl that is shown in the example picture.5) Another coaster option is the 4 x 4 tile coasters with a simple initial on them. You get a set of four tiles, protective felt for the back, the initials, and a black ribbon to make for a beautiful gift presentation. The cost for this project is only $10.00. For beautiful gift presentation, a UL Bloom can be added to your project to place on top of the ribbon. This option adds $2.00 to the project total.6) The final project will make a great gift for your coffee-loving friends! You get our new acrylic "glass" block, a five inch coffee cup embellishment, coffee beans, and beautiful ribbon to finish off your block. If you want to add an initial to the coffee mug, we can arrange that for you. The cost for this project is $23.00 ($1.00 - $1.20 more if you add an initial-depends on font size).Okay, give me a call or email me right away with your project choices. Remember, payment must be received before I place the order on Monday. Please join us; we'll have a blast!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Convention Photos!

As promised, here are a few photos from convention.  First off, we now offer square Frameworks with a 12 x 12 opening which are great!  Any 10 x 10 expression will fit wonderfully in this frame, as will any 12 x 12 scrapbook page or calendar. Notice the utensil embellishments along the top portion of the chair rail. 
We now sell a board that comes pre-drilled so that four hooks or knobs can be used.  I loved the idea of this Family Night board.  This is the actual board that the creative director for Uppercase Living created for her family.  Isn't that a great idea?  Each person in her family is responsible for a different portion of family night each week.  They rotate each week, and I wish I had thought of this years ago.  Maybe you can use this idea for your family.
UL now has a great Eiffel Tower.  Nicole, I know you've got to be so excited about this one!  :-)  Anyway, it comes in various sizes, just like the new Chrysler Building and Statue of Liberty do.  They are great designs and look fabulous as a focal point on any wall.
UL now sells a glass charger that is beautiful.  It comes with the stand that you see here, and it looks even better in person.  There are two expressions on this piece: a flower embellishment placed on the underside of the charger, and the word in another color on the front.  The beauty of that is that the word on the front can be changed seasonally.  A design in etched glass would look beautiful on this!
We now have some great designs and new fonts.  I loved this room design with the embellishments below the shelf in various states of rotation.  What kids wouldn't love this on their walls.  Although you can't really see the stripes that were on the bottom portion of the wall, we now sell those as well.  It makes decorating even easier.  Notice the square frame that has been personalized with the letter "D" and the name "David."
Okay, that's it for now.  I will post some more pictures as soon as I have them.  By the way, if you want to come by to purchase a new catalog, you can come by on Friday 8/14 from 6 - 8 PM.  If you are not on my email list to get occasional notices about upcoming Make and Take Project Nights, please email me by the link on my profile and let me know that you want to be added.  

Saturday, August 1, 2009

UL Convention! Photos to follow!

Wow! I am just back from the UL convention, and I can't believe all the GREAT things offered with the new catalog available online after August 4th! You can check it out at my website: You can order directly online or you can call me if you need any help. You’re gonna love it!

Check this out!

You can now ADD EMBELLISHMENTS IN THE MYDESIGN SECTION of my website after 8/4/09!!! You won’t believe the great, personalized designs you will be able to make with the re-vamped MyDesign tool! We also have 15 new fonts and six new colors (fairytale pink, chiffon lemon, hot cocoa, robin's egg, herb garden, and varsity blue), bringing our total color choices to 40! This is what we’ve all been waiting for!

Interested in our new accessory products? How about:
- High quality acrylic “glass” blocks (much better quality than the ones I previously purchased from another source and at a lower price!)
- Paints that match our vinyl colors so that you can color coordinate the paint on your boards with our UL vinyl colors.
- chalkwall – lots of design choices for use with chalk
- glass coasters
- new MDF board with pre-drilled holes for hooks or knobs (that we now offer!)

- AND…….................PHOTO VINYL! That’s right; you can upload a photo and have it placed on vinyl up to 4’ x 8’! It can be cut out with pin-point precision or left as-is with straight edges!  The photo vinyl is able to be removed and re-positioned (unlike our regular vinyl).  Unbelievable!

I’m just a little bit excited; can’t you tell? I have lots of great projects in mind, and I’ll be announcing my next Project Night in a couple of days. I will also host an open house in a short while so that you can swing by to purchase a catalog if you are interested. Can’t make it by? Just email me and I’ll pop one in the mail. Remember, the new catalog will be online after August 4th, but I just wanted to give you a little preview! Check back soon for photos from the convention showing some of our new products (before they are available to see on my website).