Thursday, October 16, 2008

UL at School!

I had a great time today sharing Uppercase Living at a school in Modesto. I had never considered doing an open house at a school, but it worked out great! The hostess (a kindergarten teacher) set out some snacks in her more-than-cute classroom, and her colleagues stopped by after school to join us. I had a great time, but in looking at the classroom, I realized am not cut out to teach kindergarten! :-)

Traditionally, teachers are one of the worst groups to try to present to because they like to talk, A LOT, but this group was great! We did our Make and Take project, looked at the various samples and idea catalogs, and came up with some creative gift ideas (ornaments and coasters!).

Okay, my fourth open house of the week is tomorrow afternoon, and I'm looking forward to staying here in Turlock for this one! :-)

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