Saturday, September 20, 2008

Biggest Open House Yet!

Last Thursday, I had my biggest open house yet in Ripon! It was lots of fun, and boy, can women talk and laugh it up! The only problem I had with that large of a group was getting all of their attention at the same time to be able to give them information. I applied one of the hostesses expressions that she had ordered from a previous open house on her wall. It turned out great!

Let's see.....any new news? Well, as a matter of fact there is! First of all, be sure to check my website ( frequently as the monthly specials are always changing and any new information will be posted on my home page. Also, October is almost full with open houses already, so if you are thinking of hosting an open house in order to get holiday gift shopping done, you need to contact me quickly! Remember, if you host a qualifying open house, you will earn free and half-price product, as well as be eligible for hostess only expressions.

I am hoping to post some pictures of my youngest daughter's bedroom which we just re-did. She wanted flowers in her room, so I let her pick out which ones and which colors she would like. We had a lot of fun painting, moving furniture, and putting up her flowers.

Remember, I'd love it if you would email me pictures of your projects. If I choose to add your picture to my website, you will earn a five inch embellishment of your choice!

Keep the holidays in your thoughts; perhaps Uppercase Living can be part of your gift-giving this year.

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