Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fun Times!

I had an open house this evening (including a dinner), and we had a blast!  Tiffany had everyone show up at 5:30, and she put out quite the spread.  Everyone was relaxed as Tiffany has a warm and welcoming home.

The neat projects suggested tonight?  One teacher is looking to add some words to a display in her classroom.  She took a sample to see if it would adhere to some screening that she has put up on a wall in her classroom as part of a display.  I'm anxious to know if it will work.

Another friend is looking to create some special, personalized Christmas gifts.  She has found some great wooden pictures frames that have room for a 4 x 6 horizontal photo at the top and a large area underneath that is perfect for an expression.  She will paint the frames and then put the family's initial in soft cooper behind the family's full last name in chocolate brown.  She is then adding "est. 1998" in smaller letters below the name and monogram.  It will look beautiful and I'm sure it will be received with wonder and thanks.

Another friend is custom creating the following saying to fit on a canvas that she has:  Change your thought and change your world.  Isn't that great?  This saying is in the idea catalog, but the size didn't work for her, so she took care of that by creating a MyDesign expression to order.   I think that is a good thought to end on tonight: Change your thoughts and change your world.

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